INVOPAK® Testimonials

"As a leading producer of animal health and nutrition supplements, a high quality product and a reliable service is essential to our business. Invopak has been providing this quality and service to us for over a decade." Melvyn - South Wales
"We have recently started purchasing buckets from Invopak's new range of Cheko containers, and we are really pleased with both the quality of the products and their price competitiveness. We wanted to offer a rectangular bucket to our customers and this range allowed us to differentiate ourselves within our market place. The 'green credentials' of Checko's oxy-biodegradable range is a bonus." Will from Greater London
"We have purchased from Invopak on a regular basis for many years and we have always received the best level of service. Last year, we asked Invopak to supply a high quality aluminium bottle, which they helped us source. Invopak made special arrangements to deliver only small volumes of a 12.5L aluminium bottle and this enabled us to trial an initial order for a new and important product for our customer. Thank you to the team at Invopak." Jill from Hertfordshire
"On behalf of the children here at Nortonthorpe Hall, may I thank your company for your very kind donation of plastic buckets. Nortonthorpe Hall is a Special School for Children who are experiencing difficulties in education and our outdoor classroom plays an important part in the school curriculum. As you know, we had an infestation of field mice in our school garden. They got into the seed store containers and we lost all of our seeds from last year. The new buckets will be invaluable in safeguarding our stock this year."Carol from Huddersfield
"We have been a customer of Invopak for many years now and will continue to be for a long time. There are many packaging distributors out in the market but I have to say that Invopak are the preferred one for our Company. The product portfolio has many ranges to suit most needs. The service that we receive from Invopak is second to none, in fact Invopak go out of their way to help us. The internal sales team are excellent, responsive and extremely pleasant. Our Sales representative goes above and beyond in supporting us as I am sure he does for of all his customers. Invopak are small enough to care and large enough to cater for our needs. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Invopak to anyone in our industry." Helen from Greater Manchester
"Since May 2012 Invopak have suppied all of our printed tinplate pails as they offer competitive pricing, excellent stock holding and delivery service. The real clincher was that they were able to amend our existing artwork to fit their pails and obtain approval and confirmation for this within minutes! Our first delivery was with us within 3 weeks, this was unheard of with our previous suppliers.
It was this willingness and professionalism that helped to secure our business and we have been continually impressed with Invopak’s service ever since." Danny, Oxfordshire
"As a roofing company, fluctuating weather can dramatically affect our industry and on occasion we have found ourselves manically busy and running out of our usual pails sourced from China. This happened at the beginning of April 2012 but after speaking to Invopak, they were able to supply us with 2500 pails over a 6 week period at a competitive price and in a manner which suited our production requirements. Invopak saved the day and we were able to secure a cost-effective supply at very short notice with a credit account."Mike, South Wales
"We currently purchase plastic jerricans, buckets and L-rings from Invopak in order to supply our products to the oil industry. We are always happy with the way that they deal with our orders and organise early delivery times; this is typical of the excellent service that we receive from the team in the Glasgow depot. Thank you Invopak." Graham, Aberdeenshire
"For 6 years we have purchased plastic jerricans, tinplate lever lid tins and plastic bottles from Invopak in order to supply our inks, coatings, solvents and cleaning solutions. Invopak is always helpful with any new enquiries that we have and their delivery service is second to none.." Bob, Renfrew, Scotland
"Invopak helped us to manage a smooth transition from our old plastic buckets to their new ranges. Our customer was nervous about the changes initially but excellent replacements and alternatives were found for each item. We require a wide range of products but only have limited room for storage and Invopak fit perfectly with this. We have always received good quality products and expert advice from both the salesman and office staff as well as fast and reliable service up to the North East."Alison, Tyne & Wear
"As a company we have limited space for the storage of stock but will often receive large orders from our customers at very short notice; Invopak has always provided a quick and efficient service which helps us to accomplish this. The sales office is an excellent point of contact and their delivery information allows us to plan ahead and keep our customers updated with the progress of their orders."Sally, Derbyshire
INVOPAK'S online ordering system is very good. As a large company it suits us well, it's easy to use and gives us the flexibility we need to order our packaging when we need it, anytime day or night. It saves us a lot of time as we have all the items we buy laid out in groups, with all the information you would need, as well as a photograph of the pack. The system comes with a very good support team, who are always willing to help. I would recommend it to any of your customers." Robert, Suffolk
"Invopak has purchased from us for many years and we form part of their heavy duty plastic product portfolio. Last year their spend was in excess of £2.5 million. There have been major changes within their organisation, all of which have had a positive effect upon our trading relationship. Their credit history is strong and payment is always received on time. They have the largest depots, the largest fleet and are our largest Industrial customer. I would recommend Invopak without hesitation in becoming a manufacturer's UK packaging distributor."Clive Saunders, Managing Director Promens, Deeside
Invopak had been selling a range of plastic buckets, some of which are bespoke to our Company for many years. In February 2012 they informed us that they were moving away from the Jokey product and sourcing supply from other manufacturers. This was a major concern to us. What impressed us was that the Invopak Sales Representative made us fully aware of the situation, giving us realistic timescales of the remaining stock we had and information of where we could continue our supply. I am delighted to say 5 months on Invopak has resourced all of our buckets, we have sampled and tested them and now have placed orders with them. Thank you to Invopak for managing our account so well. Joanne, Stoke On Trent
We use large numbers of PET containers and were suffering with transit damage and an indifferent level of service. We studied the internet for alternative suppliers and found Invopak. From our initial enquiry both the local sales representative and the team at head office reacted extremely quickly and professionally, consequently we have now moved all our PET container business to Invopak. We would recommend Invopak to anyone. George, Wiltshire
"Our business relies on just in time deliveries of steel and tinplate drums. We are only a relatively small business but Invopak make us feel important. We now use the online ordering system, it is so easy it has saved us time and enabled us to manage our drum stocks effectively. The Invopak team are great and it is such a pleasant change to deal with people who do what they say they will when they say they will."Jon, Exeter